TVC Champs

The lady Bobcats rolled past all the competition in the TVC volleyball tournament, leaving them in the championship round against the Red Cloud Warriors. The Bobcats were slow at the start of the first set. Then came out with a win for the first set, 25-20. The second set was a game to keep everyone on their feet, but the Bobcats finished strong to end the set, 26-24. The final set of the championship game was an intense game, but Bobcats finished with a victory, 25-20. The crowd and players erupted with excitement with this huge win, clenching the TVC title.







Friday, October 20th, the Cross Country runners Colby Karr, Cody Hubl, Keaton Burgess (Red Cloud),  & Ladelle Hazen are going to State!

Blue Hill High School and Red Cloud High School are proud of their Warcats! Though some of the athletes are not confident they will win, It is a great opportunity for the runners to go up against people from all sized schools. This has been a great year, and they are very excited to run at State.  Colby Karr, junior, says, “To future runners, I would say that hard work leads to success. Putting the miles in during the summer is a key part in doing well in cross country.”



XC Districts Colby Karr 2nd Cody Hubl 8th Keaton Burgess 10th(Red Cloud)  Ladelle Hazen 5th

Final from XC @ McCool Junction HS Girls – Ladelle finished 4th HS Boys – Team Finished 2nd (Colby 1st, Cody 3rd, Keaton 5th) Great Job War Cats

TVC Conference Cross Country results: Colby Karr 1st, Cody Hubl 3rd, Keaton Burgess 4th, & Ladelle Hazen 1st.

It was a good day a UNK; Colby finished 4th and Ladelle 12 with a school record time of 21:31.2.

XC at Franklin: Colby Karr 2nd, Keaton Burgess 6th, Cody Hubl 7th, & Ladelle Hazen 6th place

Cross Country from Prairie Lake Colby – 1st Keaton Burgess – 6th Cody – 8th Ladelle – 3rd.

XC results from Fairbury Colby Karr 1st, Keaton Burgess 7th, Kody Hubl 16th,  & Ladelle Hazen 10th.

Final results from the XC Meet in Superior Colby Karr 1st, Keaton Burgess 9th, Cody Hubl 11th, & Ladelle Hazen 15th.


UNK Health Fair


On Wednesday October 11th students visited UNK for a health fair. When they got there, there were speakers that talked about what they do everyday in their clinics, or hospitals.

Students were then split into groups and attended sessions. The first session was just a career fair that had colleges mainly focused on health and medicine. The second session was about the UNMC medical building that is on campus at UNK. The third session, students got to choose to attend a murder mystery, or visit the health and wellness center. The murder mystery talked about diseases that killed people back in history and students had to figure out what caused it.

In the other session, they visited the health and wellness center and went through the gym, and different classrooms. The students that went to the health and wellness center also got to see a cadaver, and look through the body parts. Students then visited the UNMC building.

UNK++16By the end of the day, the students learned many things about different colleges and their health and medicine programs.

Pink & Parent Night

Kosse and Kort

Tuesday night was pink out night for the Lawrence Nelson-Blue Hill volleyball game. This was to show our total support for breast cancer as it is breast cancer awareness month. Before the game started, parents night was also a big night for the two seniors. The seniors are Taylor Bonifas and Halee Kohmetscher. The reason for parents night is for all of us to honor the parents and the seniors to recognize all the hard work they have put into this sport.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes, basketball court, shorts and indoor

To follow this, the Lady Bobcats won 3-0. The first set was 26-24, set two was 25-15, and the third and final set was 25-23.

Friday the 13th History



Be wary. Be scared. The Friday no one celebrates. Friday the 13th comes back around. And best of all it’s in October! One of the most “unlucky” days in the month of Halloween. But why is Friday the 13th so bad?

Though folklorists claim there is no written evidence for the superstition before the nineteenth century, the date has long been connected to notorious events in history and religion.

According to Catholic belief, one of the most significant events in their religion – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ – took place on Friday the 13th. Also, the day before was the last supper. Along with Jesus, there were 12 disciples at this meal, and Judas has come to represent betrayal and bad luck in Western societies. Even if there is no direct biblical evidence linking Judas to the 13th place at the table, the number of guests at the Last Supper and its significance in the Christian religion could have been enough to cement the idea of 13 as an unlucky number in Western cultures, particularly if this idea was promoted by the superstitious Victorians.

Geoffrey Chaucer also made reference to the apparent unluckiness of the day, recording in his Canterbury Tales that it was bad luck to start a journey or a project on a Friday.

One of the most popularised myths attempting to explain the origin of the Friday 13 superstition stems from events on Friday 13 October 1307, when hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France.

Ironically, the superstition of the event may be linked back to an American club that attempted to debunk the superstition surrounding the number 13 and its associated bad luck date. The Thirteen Club first met on 13 September 1881, (a Wednesday) and determined to actively flout any and all established ‘superstitions’ they knew about.  With this in mind, the group of 13 would meet on the 13 of each month, sit 13 to a table, break mirrors, spill salt with abandon, and walk under ladders – all while carefully recording how many members died. Over the years the group grew to roughly 400 members – including a number of US presidents – but the group’s notoriety just added to the date’s significance in the public psyche.

Then, in 1907, eccentric stockbroker, Thomas Lawson published a book called Friday the Thirteenth. It detailed an evil business’s attempts to crash the stock market on the unluckiest day of the year. The book was a sell-out and in 1916 made into a feature-length film.

Finally, the myth acquired the first seal of Hollywood in 1980 when Paramount Pictures released Friday the 13. Fridays would not be the same again after Jason proceeded to slash his way across a summer camp and US box offices.

So, whether you believe the superstitions or not, Friday the 13th comes with spooky connotations. Go about your day but keep your wits about you. Something bad could happen, or not.

Bobcats Roll the Raiders

Kosse and Kort

September 29th was a night to remember as the Bobcats rolled over the Lawrence- Nelson Raiders despite the Raider’s 18-14 lead the first half. Coach Streff said,” it was a tail of two halves we made a lot of mistakes the first half and the second half we played much cleaner and pulled it away from them.”

The final score was 40-24 keeping the winning seasons going for the Blue Hill Bobcats. With this win, the Bobcats remain undefeated this season.

Dale E. Black Outstanding Young Teacher Award


Blue Hill ELA teacher, Mrs. Luke, received the Dale E. Black Outstanding Young Teacher of Speech & Theatre Award this past weekend at the Nebraska Speech Communication and Theatre Association conference. Mrs. Schwinn, Blue Hill English teacher, nominated Mrs. Luke for this award. Mrs. Schwinn said, “They sent out an email about signing up for a conference and I chose that award to be given to Mrs. Luke because I felt like it was fitting for what she does. I had to write a couple paragraphs about her outstanding work in the classroom.” Mrs. Luke went up against all teachers in Nebraska that have taught ELA for less than 7 years. Mrs. Schwinn also said, “I was very excited to know she received the award. She was going up against teachers all over Nebraska, not just our conference. It was a 22046084_1789958391033506_2372110127658514995_nhuge deal for her to win against teachers from all different sized schools, which goes to show that Mrs. Luke is amazing at what she does.” The award was given for traits such as: enthusiasm for work, scholarly integrity, knowledge of subject matter, innovation, ability to motivate and stimulate students, worthy goals in teaching, and professional promise including such areas as involvement in professional associations, research, and writing. Mrs. Luke was unable to attend the ceremony to receive the award, so Mrs. Schwinn attended the ceremony and accepted it on her behalf. Mrs. Luke has been in Lincoln, rehearsing for the play The Weir. Students from the one act class are attending the play on Saturday October 7. For more information on showtimes to The Weir.