Class Change Shows Little Difference for Athletes

By: Johnny Bauman and Becky Cox

It’s that time of year again when athletes return to the field. With the class change this year from D1-D2, athletes can expect little changes.

Head Coach, Jon Coffey, says in an interview that the effect on the football team going from D1-D2 is minimal. There is all the same competition and the season looks the same.

However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t looking up for the Bobcats already. They have already played two away football games, which looked very good with two impressive wins 54-6 and 52-12.

With only two seniors on the football team, decision making comes easy. When the star quarterback, Jacob Van Boening, graduated, we all wondered who was to take the quarterback spot. Coach Coffey says that three QB’s are ready to take the position but over the summer training determines if they need to fit into another spot. The Bobcats lost five players to the graduating class last year, leaving the team with 24 athletes.

The Bobcats need to have a stronger mentality when facing Arapahoe this Friday and a prime target is the sophomore quarterback who is “big but can move,” Coffey says.

Softball also won’t see any major changes this season with the class move. Because of less class levels in Nebraska, softball will remain the same this season. Coach Wright says although the team is coming off an 0-26 season, the girls are showing huge improvements. Having such a young team may prove to be an obstacle but the girls are working hard for a win this season.

Soph. Erica Allen, shortstop, and Fresh. Kaelyn Drury, 2nd base, are really shining this year. And they’ll need some determination to overcome some tough competition, like GICC and Central City.

Coach Wright says she absolutely loves working with Coach Drury. Having a more experienced coach is wonderful. Coach Drury provides different opinions and is helping the girls get a good mentality. Hopefully these changes will help the girls come out with a win this season.

The class change may show little to no effect on the athletic schedules, but a new year and strong leadership may just bring about big changes for athletics at Blue Hill.  



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