College Prep: Teacher Insight on College and Career

By: Becky Cox


Percent of teachers and staff who attended major Nebraska colleges

Most students in this school will attend college somewhere. And we often have a lot of questions. So we turned to our teachers for their advice on schooling later in life.

We asked our teachers where they went to college, what else they’d be if not a teacher and what they’d change about their experiences. 25 teachers have responded to the survey.

Teachers gave some great advice to the students. One wished they had gotten in more hours of credit before college actually began.  Most of them wished they had studied more and worked harder, especially freshman year. Being social and participating more was also a common response. Don’t cut yourself short. Go farther in college, or take more classes not related to your major.

There is always a way to get into college. Saving money is super important, but there are other ways too. Getting a good score on the ACT can help with scholarships, and you can take it as many times as you want.

One teacher reminds us to think, is a 4 year degree really needed for what you want to do? That’s why having a plan is great. Visit all kinds of schools, you might surprise yourself and find something totally new.  Try job shadowing while still in high school, it’s a great way to get a taste of what you’ll go into. And never pick a school because of a significant other. College is about being you.

For fun, we asked our teachers what they’d be if they weren’t teachers. Answers were all over the place! Some ‘normal’ jobs like nurses, doctors, and lawyers. Others were more out of the box like actor, NFL quarterback, fashion designer, and even a veterinarian. And my personal favorites, curator of the White House and a SpaceCowboy.

Students, look to your teachers for advice and make an informed decision when it comes to college and career planning.


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