Warcats get runner up at Franklin and prepare for UNK

By Johnny Bauman

Trotting to the podium, the Warcats went on to collect the 2nd place plaque at the Franklin High School invite on Tuesday evening. The Warcats have not won a plaque since the Twin Valley Conference Invitational last year at Franklin where  the Warcats tied for first but lost by a coin flip to obtain runner-up.

This year, senior Jacob Morse said, “coming into the meet we looked very good overall, everyone’s times were improving, and some of our teammates had improved the style of their finishes as well.” Jacob described the course as a very smooth and flat terrain with its little surprises.  

The weather surprisingly was the only bad part to this week’s meet, with higher temperatures than usual. Jacob recalls it was a little over 90 degrees at the meet in Franklin. The Senior is proud of how his team performed this week at Franklin. Jacob says with the second and fourth place finishes by Sophomore Colby Karr and Junior Keaton Burgess (Red Cloud) , he says we won’t look bad going into UNK, but the team should prepare themselves on a mental level



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