A Moment of Gratitude for all things Taken for Granted

  1. After quite possibly the most heated political campaign ever experienced, we can be thankful that at least we have democracy. How else would people be able to complain about everything over social media? 


  2. You have Internet to view our wonderful blog


  3. We may have school this week, but at least it’s a short week. We will get through this together!


  4. Despite its imperfections, we are extremely lucky to live in America.


  5. Cozy sweaters are a thing, and isn’t that just a cure for everything?


  6. Smartphones exist, don’t forget to snapchat your crazy family dinner (pic or it didn’t happen).


  7. We have Netflix, don’t we? Why do they even pause for 15 seconds? We both know I’m not moving for the next 4 days.


  8. A huge storm hasn’t come yet. Quick, someone knock on wood!


  9. All else fails, if you’re reading this, you’re still breathing.


  10. The semester is almost over, which means you’re one step closer to graduating. Oh sweet freedom.




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