Winter Sports Preview


By Johnny Bauman

After the finale of the fall sports, we look towards what our winter sports will shape out as and what to expect this season. First let’s start off with the  girls High School basketball team coached by Tim streff. In an interview with head coach Streff, he said that the team has gained some numbers. Last year’s team had only 16 girls, and this year there are 22 girls. Besides that he says that the girls have also gotten bigger,and taller, he says that will be a good asset to the team.

Streff’s outlook on this year’s season looks extremely good with the returning players and the way they have gotten bigger over the last year and have gained experience.

The main competitors that Streff says to be careful of are Doniphan Trumball, St Cecilia, and Wood River. Inside the conference, Red Cloud and Lawrence Nelson will be the tough competitors.

Streff’s focus on leadership is not out of the ordinary, with only three seniors on the girls team, he says it will be a huge impact on the team. The seniors this year ran a team where there were no seniors last year so the experience as leaders is definitely in their favor, Streff knows that these three girls are hardworking and positive role models for the underclassmen. Streff noted that for any team is that it doesn’t matter about the quantity of leadership there is on a team, it’s the quality of leadership that a team has.

High School boys basketball this year is also in swing this winter. In an interview with Coach Hubl, he says the amount of kids is relatively the same. Outlook on the season is high for Hubl as he is hoping to be back to back TVC champions this year along with getting farther in district play. Blue Hill will see the same tough competition this year as they did last year, on the conference side of things, Kenesaw and Lawrence Nelson are looking to be Blue Hill’s toughest opponents this winter. The outside of the conference will prove to have a couple tough opponents as well such as Grand Island Central Catholic, and St Cecilia.

At districts the tough opponents include a familiar foe with Kenesaw, and Heartland Lutheran. Leadership is key, and having one senior, Hubl expects the junior class to step up as leaders like they had during the football season. The one senior Kody Mans will remain as the top leader as he is a 4 year starter.

Wrestling is also back in swing, coming off of last year sending two seniors to state, we want to know what to expect for the Warcats this year. Mr Lonowski was hired as the new coach for Blue Hill. He says it’s been his passion to coach wrestling because he used to be a wrestler and the only way he could come in contact with wrestling again is if he coached it. Challenges that Lonowski said he would have to face are mainly the small things such as weight, and focusing on the wrestlers main strengths. The team lost three wrestlers from last year and only have 4 wrestlers this year. Lonowski finds that very convenient because everyone gets the one on one time that they need to make them better. Coach Lonowski’s outlook on the season is that he is very excited for having a small team seeing what everyone is capable of.


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