BlueHill Basketball: BlueHill@ Superior

By Johnny Bauman

Thursday, December 7th The Blue hill boys and girls basketball teams traveled to play the Superior Wildcats. The Girls game started of very fast paced, with the superior girls having a high advantage it was difficult for our girls to work around the taller girls, but as the game  progressed the girls made moves and closed a 12 point lead down to two points late in the forth quarter. The lead then slipped as time was ticking off  and the girls lost 46 to 38. The Boys game started off a bit slow with not so many points being scored and both teams showing some aggressive defense. The points broke loose throughout the second quarter and the home crowd was a real challenge for the boys to overcome, however the boys team tagged along and was only down by 3 most of the time. After half time the boys lost the surge and fell back throughout the third quarter. Finally the fourth quarter the boys made a huge leap and was down by one, but the momentum was short lived and the boys lost 45-35


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