Winter MAPs Testing: What’s Changed

By Katlyn Brooks & Shawnie Shaw


The Spring testings went well, but this Winter there will be a new system to MAPs Testing. Instead of leaving the scores that are under the National Norms, the students will be required to retake the test to get a better score.

The MAPs system is to record the student body progress. This semester for the winter testing, the students were given Student Progress Reports and told to try to meet or bypass their Growth Projections. Mr. Moore stated, “Students that are below the norms, but did not meet their growth projections will be required to retake the test.” The retake will be on Friday. However, “If you fail to meet your Growth Projections,” Mr. Moore informed, “you must continue to retake the test until you meet or bypass your Growth Projection.”

With this in mind, the goal is to meet your Growth Projection and bypass the National Norms or meet the norms. If you do not you will be redoing the tests you didn’t meet your goals on until you get an acceptable score.

Do your best so you do not have to retake the MAPs tests!



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