FFA Parliament Pro

By: Katlyn Brooks

16196025_1255337057889804_7127033049155857964_nOn January 25th, several Blue Hill students participated in FFA contests held at the Leadership Center in Aurora, Nebraska. These contests help teens develop leadership skills such as speaking in front of groups of people, running a business meeting, demonstrating a process, and interviewing for a job.

At these contests, the FFA members participated in speaking events, Parliamentary Procedure Contest, Agriculture Demonstration Contest, and job interview contests.

However, this wasn’t the first year they’ve participated in these contests. Mrs. Bonifas informed that they have gone every year. Although the year 2012 was their best year, winning district contest and going to state, this year out of 13 teams, Blue Hill’s Team 1 got fifth and our Team 2 got eighth. “I’m really proud of the kids’ efforts today,” Mrs. Bonifas says, “I think they did a great job.”

Speaking Contests

  • Creed Speaking
  1. Kyra Meyer
  2. Madison Kosse
  • Ag Literacy Speaking
  1. Victoria Schwab
  2. Brooklyn Kohmetscher
  • Cooperative Speaking
  1. Layla Donscheski
  • Job Interview
  1. Feliccia Overy

Senior Parliamentary Procedure

  • Team 1
  1. Brianna Danehey
  2. Jamie Bonifas
  3. Taylor Bonifas
  4. Kacey Allen
  5. Rylee Kohmetscher
  6. Colby Karr
  • Team 2
  1. Trent Karr
  2. Emily Meyer
  3. Feliccia Overy
  4. Maci Witte
  5. JC Himmelberg
  6. Tony Bauman
  • Helpers
  1. Olivia Buschow

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