Old School Gets Torn Down


By Johnny Bauman

On November 8th, 2016 the City Of Blue Hill put on the ballot a vote  to tear down the old school building, to build a brand new pool for the community. The city got the approval to tear down the old school and raise taxes for the 3.3 million dollar swimming pool coming to community, It will be a good replacement to the old city swimming pool, which lacks a lot of safety features and is not up to date in codes or regulations. The school building was built in 1923 and stood until January 31st, 2017, the building was 94 years old. Many teachers that went to school at that building shared stories about how school life was and what made the building so fascinating, ranging from all the steps, to the fireplace in the kindergarten room, all the way to the fun slide used as a fire escape. Current music teacher, Penny Drury who taught Music in the old school building says her “favorite memory of the old school is the old floors and the fact that the music room was on the top floor and the music would be heard everywhere, also while the water tower was being built, she and her class could watch it be built.”  However, when a town grows you have to move in with the new and be out with the old.



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