Accounting classes Attend Mary Lanning Panel Discussion

By Johnny Bauman

On Wednesday morning the Accounting I and Accounting II classes went up to the Mary Lanning Medical Center in Hastings. The students were engaged in a panel discussion with top people in business related fields and learned how marketing and business can relate to and affect the medical field.

The human resources department spoke first; it is headed by two women. The human resource department is in charge of all the employees and the culture of the medical center, human resource is split into three divisions, among these divisions are employee issues, and recruiting. Recruiting is a big field in the Human Resource department due to the fact that they need to find and hire the best candidate who best fit for the job they have available.

The second woman on the panel represented Patient Accounts and the Business Office. She talked about the revenue cycle and how it affects the money flow of the hospital. Everyday the hospital generates 908 thousand dollars in donations and pay, the staff of 1200 at Marry Lanning costs the hospital between 1.6 million and 2.2 million dollars.

The third person on the panel was in charge of Finance and Accounting. With this department capital is vital and being in charge of this field  you oversee account payable and keeping track of insurance contracts and in one year Mary Lanning collects 330 million dollars  in revenue. Fourth on the panel was in charge of the quality standard at Mary Lanning, and has safety huddles at 8:30 every morning to discuss what progress and what has been said about the care and quality at Mary Lanning. Based on the satisfaction rating of the hospital, the government pays the hospital and contributes to its funds.

The fifth and final person on the panel was the Public Relations and marketing department. In most hospitals to promote their brand, they need 30-40 people and Mary Lanning only has 6 people who produce and work on tv productions and the website. All the branches are color coded by the marketing department so they give all the centers and everything a special meaning.


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