Senior Spotlight

Tanna Krueger: Future Plans: I am attending Xenon Academy in Grand Island to become an Esthetician

Favorite Class in HS: English

Advice: Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath, smile, and start again.

Halee Kohmetscher:
Future Plans: I plan to attend Northeast Community College and major in Animal Science and get a job with being a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company.

Favorite class in HS: Science and Art

Advice: High school is tough but is a great experience at the same time. Enjoy with your friends and classmates and make some good memories!

Jim Mackin: 

Future Plans: Go to CCC and major in Diesel Technology then go into John Deere dealership as a mechanic

Favorite class in HS: Independent Welding

Advice: Live life and have fun without getting caught.


4 cups Chex Cereal

2 cups Mini Twist Pretzels

1/2 cup Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups

1 cup M&M’s Candy

1 cup white chocolate chips

  1. Line cookie sheet with foil or wax paper.
  2. Combine all ingredients except white chips in a large bowl and toss.
  3. Place chips in a microwave safe bowl and heat about 30-40 seconds, stir until smooth. Continue heating in 10 second intervals and stir until completely melted.
  4. Pour melted chips over mixture and stir until coated.
  5. Spread mixture onto cookie sheet and let set about 10 minutes.
  6. Break into pieces!


Wind Turbines


This summer our little town of Blue Hill got some major upgrades near by. The state energy board approved a $140 Million wind farm.

The Cottonwood Wind Project plans to have 52 turbines and a capacity to generate 89.5 megawatts of power.


Funded by NextEra Energy Resources, the nation’s biggest wind developer, the project will produce about $800,000 a year in lease payments to 35 landowners and about $864,000 a year in local taxes. They project a 7% increase in tax revenue for Webster county. It will also create five permanent, full-time jobs, and about 300 temporary jobs during their construction. 

The Nebraska Power Review Board approved the project on the condition that it sign a power purchase agreement with them. It is expected to be signed by the end of the year. NPPD is currently in the process of lining up industrial and manufacturing customers that are seeking to use nature friendly energy resources. Those companies will be contracted for “renewable energy credits” to cover most of the wind farm’s generation.

At least two companies have expressed interest in buying about 65 megawatts of credits through the Blue Hill project. It’s also possible that the project will help attract a new company to Nebraska seeking to use green energy and lock in a good price for electricity through a 15-year contract. Since the developer purchased equipment prior to January 1st, the project will qualify for federal energy production tax credits.

Mrs. Bonifas, Blue Hill Teacher, speaks her mind about the wind turbines, “In many ways I think they are a good addition because of the power that we can generate without coal, and the revenue that can be generated for our school and for landowners.”

She goes on to say ”I don’t like the fact that they are permanent, so at this point there is no changing of anyone’s mind whether they want them or not.I think there are many pros and cons to the windmills, but the truth is that we as a society use a lot of power, and as the population continues to grow, and we continue to use more power, we have to prepare ourselves for new ideas in alternative sources of power and fuel.”
The new additions south of Blue Hill have already caused controversy and debate, but they will provide benefits to the community for years to come.