Blue Hill Staff <3 Public Schools

Shawlarge_Blue-Shirt-FrontThis school year Blue Hill Schools’ teachers are celebrating the public school communities by wearing an I ❤ Public Schools shirt once a month.

The shirts are part of NE<3PS (Nebraska Loves Public Schools). Their mission is to help promote the good moments of the public school systems by taking photos, videos, and making them into films.

They also sell shirts that say, “I ❤ Public Schools.” These shirts are to promote the wellbeing of public schools. The staff of Blue Hill will be allowed to wear their shirts with jeans on the first friday of every month if they so choose.

Mrs. Kohmetscher, a Blue Hill High School teacher, commented on what that day means to her, “I ❤ Public Schools Day is a time for teachers, students, and the community to celebrate public schools and education. It is neat to see teachers from other schools out in public wearing their different colored shirts.”

The I ❤ Public Schools days will be a wonderful way to promote learning in public school communities.

Big Changes Flip the Script for Blue Hill Students

Branson and Shaw

This 2017-2018 school year Blue Hill High School and Junior High Students will be experiencing major changes in the way they go about the school day.

The High School student body received personal, school provided, chromebooks to help with students’ homework. They enable the students to have easy access to their school projects offline, get their homework from the days they miss (which includes the google classroom assignments), ask teachers questions through emails, and be able to use online textbooks if they leave theirs at the school. With  the new addition, they are expected to be careful, productive, and responsible.

Due to the new chromebooks being added, the students must now follow new guidelines with having cell phones on school grounds. They are required to put their cell phones into containers (per the teacher’s in-class policies) when entering the classroom until the teacher allows them to be grabbed or after the class period is over. Though the rules in class may be different, the students are still allowed to use their phones during passing periods and at lunch.

Lastly, with new carpets come more rule changes in the classrooms. Since the High School had purchased and installed new carpets (due to the old thinning carpets and some were being held together by tape), the students cannot have food or drinks (exempting clear bottles of water) in the classrooms. Mr. Moore explained why, “Students spill things.  Glance outside of school after lunch and see all the wrappers.  With great privilege comes a great responsibility!”

Even though these changes will put more responsibility on the students and parents, it will also be a big help for them many years to come.

A Natural Phenomenon “Dawned” on Blue Hill Students


This Monday, August 21st, was the view of a lifetime for Blue Hill students. The High School and Junior High students went to Cope Stadium on the UNK campus for the 2017 solar eclipse. The stadium was packed full of 10,000 people ready to experience a rare natural event.

This event was free to students and community members, allowing more people to attend. There were 30 different schools from surrounding areas there to watch the eclipse. Once at the stadium, they had a delicious meal ready to go for those attending. They even recreated the eclipse in cookie form.

The stadium had news reporters and radio stations there. They questioned some of the people off of the field and informed students about the eclipse. They also provided fun activities for people of all ages like a bouncy house. Trent Kort, Blue Hill senior, said, “I loved the games, they were very fun, but my favorite was knockerball.”

While waiting for the eclipse to start they had a clock set up on the scoreboard for the people to know when totality was nearing. The stadium also provided glasses for the students and others to safely view the sun. The clock was very accurate to the moment the sun was blocked out.

The moment the clock reached about 17 seconds everyone started to count down to totality. At 12:58 the moon was directly in front of the sun. Madison Kosse, Blue Hill sophomore said, “the part of the solar eclipse that stuck out to me most was when the moon began going in front of the sun, and when it went completely dark.”

When in the moment of totality, everyone seemed to be in awe of the corona’s glow. Dani Schwinn, a teacher at Blue Hill, said, “ The corona looked white and wispy, sort of supernatural feeling, and it was beautiful.”

There was a lot of laughter, and Blue Hill High School students had a blast. Though there were no real classes on Monday, the students got a real life learning experience from this once in a lifetime event.

Attorney General Youth Conference

by Katlyn Brooks

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Taylor Bonifas and Trenton Karr were accepted to attend the Attorney General Youth Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event will be held at the State Capitol building.

There are so many activities to do outside of the Capitol building. There’s shopping, restaurants, museums, zoos, theaters, and they could even tour the UNL campus.

The goal of this event is to learn about the government. They also get to meet the attorney general.


Provisional Agenda

9:30 Welcome
9:45 Oral Arguments
11:00 Senator Geist
11:30 Nebraska Supreme Court
12:00 Lunch at Governor’s Residence
1:15 Bureau Cheifs Panel
2:15 Recess
2:30 Consumer Protection; Digital Footprint
3:15 Consumer Protection; Mediation
4:00 Closing Remarks – Attorney General Peterson
4:30 Adjournment



By Becky Cox

Every year in March CCC hosts their annual ACTIONS Day. ACTIONS stands for Academic Competition That Inspires Our Nation’s Scholars. This is the school’s 26th year hosting. This day originated in Sandy Creek, but quickly outgrew the small school.

A day full of taking tests, sound boring doesn’t it? It can actually be pretty fun. Teachers enter their students in a category they tend to excel in. Events range from Notorious People to Genetics to Music. Students can be entered into three different tests and must at least take two. Around 800 students from 26 schools in the Tri City area attended to compete.

Students from Blue Hill that placed are

Michael Hiller- 4th Accounting & 5th Physical Science

Becky Cox- 4th Common Proverbs, 5th Family Consumer Science & 4th Art

Lindsey Hafer- 5th  First Aid

Colby Karr- 5th Mythology & 1st Word Problems

Trace Ockinga- 1st Spelling & 5th Sports

Trent Karr- 5th Word Problems

JC Himmelberg- 5th English 1 & 5th Biology

Rylee Kohmetscher- 3rd English 1 & 1st Biology

Taylor Bonifas- 2nd American History

Jami Kirchner-4th Biology

Ondra Kokoška- 3rd Trigonometry

High Schoolers Compete in Quiz Bowl

By Becky Cox

Yesterday, our Quiz Bowl team traveled to Hastings to compete in a tournament set up by ESU 9. The meet was hosted at North Shore on the northern side of Hastings.

Blue Hill went up against Hampton first. The Bobcats easily beat their first team, but faced a greater challenge second round. Hastings High 3 beat the Blue Hill team in just 7 rounds of questions. But our team was able to stay in the consolation bracket by defeating Hastings High 1. In the final round, it was a close call but they lost to Saint Cecilia by a mere 10 points.

This years quiz bowl team consists of seniors Collin Brown, Becky Cox, and Michael Hiller, juniors Trent Karr and Trace Ockinga, and sophomores Colby Karr, Brianna Danehey, and Rylee Kohmetscher.

The Spelling Bee’s Knees

Becky Cox

This past Tuesday, Blue Hill sent some junior high and elementary students to participate in the Webster County Spelling Bee. After lunch, the students were taken to Red Cloud to compete again local students.

Blue Hill students tried out and 14 of them made the team.

Fourth Grader Daniel Wirtes won first place and will move on to the 4th-8th Grade Midwest Spelling Bee in Omaha in March.