FFA Land Judging


      On October 4, 2017, Blue Hill FFA went to South-Central for land judging. The blue hill FFA is waiting for the results to see if they are going to state. blue hill FFA has a state team. Blue hill FFA will be going to state for land judging 



October National Days!


1st Fire Pup Day

giphy (30)

2nd National Name Your Car Day

giphy (29)

3rd National Boyfriend Daygiphy (28)

4th National Taco Day

giphy (27)

5th National Get Funky Day

giphy (26)

6th National Mad Hatter Day

giphy (25)

7th National Frappe Day

giphy (24)

8th National Pierogi Day

giphy (23)

9th National Leif Erikson Day

giphy (22)

10th National Angel Food Cake Day

giphy (21)

11th National Sausage Pizza Day

giphy (20)

12th National Gumbo Day


giphy (19)

13th National Train Your Brain Day

giphy (18)

14th Be Bald and Be Free Day

giphy (17)

15th National Grouch Day

giphy (16)

16th National Dictionary Day

giphy (15)

17th National Pasta Day

giphy (14)

18th National No Beard Day


giphy (13)

19th National Seafood Bisque Day


giphy (12)

20th National Brandied Fruit Day

giphy (11)

21st National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

giphy (10)

22nd National Color Day

giphy (9)

23rd National Boston Cream Pie Day

giphy (8)

24th National Food Day


giphy (7)

25th National Greasy Food Day

giphy (6)

26th National Mincemeat Day

giphy (1)
27th National Black Cat Day

giphy (4)

28th National Chocolate Day

giphy (3)

29th National Hermit Day

giphy (2)

30th National Candy Corn Day

giphy (1)

31st National Magic Day


College Fair

Schmidt – Shaw

On Monday, September 25,  juniors and seniors visited CCC for a college fair. There were several colleges from all over Nebraska, and even out of state colleges. The fair took place in CCC’s gymnasium.

Blue Hill Students had the opportunity to visit any college booth and learn more information about that college. A few of the colleges were University of Nebraska-Lincoln /Kearney /Omaha, Joseph’s College: Cosmetology, and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Many of the colleges had free items such as pens, and they also had information booklets for students to take home and share with parents. The booklets had cost, activities, and different information about the college’s programs and events.

The college representatives were respectable and quick on their feet explaining things to multiple schools’ students. Rylee Kohmetscher, Junior, eagerly stated, “They were very positive and energetic and were extremely helpful in recognizing their college’s strong suits.” While Britney Toepfer, Senior, wants to recognize UNK and UNL, “UNK and UNL were the best booths I went to because they were personable and explanatory.”

The students enjoyed the experience and were pushed into a great direction towards a better future. Going to the college fair at CCC-Hastings brought to light many opportunities for our students.

Homecoming Pep Rally

Kort and Kosse

Blue Hill Homecoming was on Friday, September 23rd, and that afternoon the school and community participated in a pep rally on Main Street.

The pep rally included different games for the homecoming royalty candidates to play for bragging rights. The first game was a race where candidates had to sit on a scooter and row with plungers around a cone. Next was a balloon relay race where each couple had to pop balloons and run across the finish line.

They continued the tradition of a scavenger hunt that included multiple audience members. Couples searched for students in the crowd that fit various descriptions and took a group selfie as quickly as possible while locking arms.

The final event was egg rouilette. In this game, the girl candidate chose an egg and smashed it over her partner’s head. The boys had to hope it was one of 9 hard boiled. Lane, John, and Grant all got raw eggs during this game, leaving Trace the clean winner.

Overall winners were Trace and Halee, Lane and Taylor got 2nd, Grant and Britney was 3rd, and John and Kylie were 4th place for all the events.

Throughout the week, students voted for which fall coach they wanted to kiss a pig by paying money to their designated jars. Mr. Muth, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Armes had the three highest amounts, but since Mr. Muth and Mr. Jones were gone for activities, Mrs. Ochsner and Miss Wright got to do the honors. Spirit squad members helped the teachers put on lipstick before planting one on the pig in front of the entire school.

The last event was the face pie. This is a yearly tradition beginning the Friday of homecoming where spirit squad members cannot talk throughout the day or get a pie in the face. If they made it from first period to the end of the day, they got to choose someone to pie. Only a handful of spirit squad members made it the entire day.

This event brings together the school and community to gear up for a big homecoming weekend.

Homecoming Week!


Homecoming week was September 18-22. On Monday, only seniors could dress up, and they had pajama day. Trent Kort said, “Grant Streff had the best outfit on pajama day, because it was a kangaroo onsie.” There were many different pajama outfits. On Tuesday there was no school for parent teacher conferences. On Wednesday, it was mathletes vs. athletes. Students could choose to dress up as a jock or nerd! On Thursday it was color wars! Each class chose a color to wear as a class. Seniors chose pink, juniors had orange, sophomores chose red, freshman had black, 8th grade had purple, and 7th grade had yellow. On Friday, it was blue and white day to support the football team, and school. People painted their faces, and just enjoyed the day. Shawnie said, “my favorite dress up day was mathletes vs athletes, because I’m Amy from the Big Bang Theory.”