Blue Hill Students attend Sportsmanship Conference


On Wednesday, a chosen group of Blue Hill students went to a sportsmanship assembly in Kearney. The purpose was to teach the students how to be good sports. Blue Hill has always been known for great fans and kids who not only play their heart out, but respect their opponents.

Teacher, Ben Jones said he wanted everyone in the seventh grade class when he started his first year to go at least once to learn leadership and sportsmanship, not only for sports but also other organizations.

Bobcats Move On


The Bobcat football team move on again. The boys had to grind it out Tuesday night in a slugfest 37-34. The Bobcats had a 14 point lead going into half-time; however, the Twin Loup Wolves came out firing on all cylinders to catch up to the Bobcats.

The fourth quarter was an exciting one for both teams. Both crowds were cheering with all their might. Both teams grinded till the very last drive when Blue Hill had the ball. The Bobcats drove down the field with John Rouse making great throws to strong, tall receivers Maccoy Menke and Trent Karr, setting up Joe Mackin for the field goal to take the lead.

That was Joe’s first field goal of the year and he nailed it right down the center. After all that and taking the lead, the Bobcats squib kicked it down the right side and had to only hold Twin Loup one last play, where senior linebacker Ethan Sharp dropped back in coverage and took the interception to close the game out.

Construction on Catholic Hill


In May, construction crews began fixing Catholic Hill Road, because of pots holes, and many bumps in the road. Werner’s Construction Company has been working on the road all summer.

The parking problems have caused a lot dispute, because kids don’t want to have to park down the road and walk. Blue Hill sophomore, Madison Kosse said, “I have had to leave earlier for school, so I can get a parking spot, and my brothers don’t cooperate, so I get stressed.”

Students have been parking in the teachers parking lot, and teachers have nowhere to park. Senior, Sammy Tolle said, “It is hard finding parking before school, because most parking spots are taken so you have to park a couple blocks away.”

There have also been a lot of problems with trying to get to and from the school with vehicles on both sides of the streets.

The road is scheduled to be done in a couple weeks.

Deli Sandwiches to be Served at Lunch


This year the school decided to change the lunch menu. They are now serving deli sandwiches for a second meal option. Students who don’t like the main lunch option, cannot leave campus, or bring their own meal now have another choice. The school used to have an option of pizza but they got rid of that with the new meal plan. Bringing deli sandwiches as a second option will be nice for the people who don’t like what’s being served.

Season Kicks off with New Traditions and a Bobcat Win

Kort and Kosse

The Blue Hill Spirit Squad got quite the workout as the Blue Hill football team defeated the Meridian Mustangs on Friday, August 24.

This year the Spirit Squad is starting a new tradition of doing kicks and push-ups for all points scored. They do push-ups for 30 points and then switch to kicks.

The final score was 58-8, giving the spirit squad quite the workout.

The bobcats are expected to keep the tradition alive and go far this year in the Nebraska state playoffs.

Another new addition this fall for the cheerleaders is stunting, which includes a basic lift while the girls are cheering.

With the changes to spirit squad and a talented group of football athletes, this fall will be a great season to follow.

A Natural Phenomenon “Dawned” on Blue Hill Students


This Monday, August 21st, was the view of a lifetime for Blue Hill students. The High School and Junior High students went to Cope Stadium on the UNK campus for the 2017 solar eclipse. The stadium was packed full of 10,000 people ready to experience a rare natural event.

This event was free to students and community members, allowing more people to attend. There were 30 different schools from surrounding areas there to watch the eclipse. Once at the stadium, they had a delicious meal ready to go for those attending. They even recreated the eclipse in cookie form.

The stadium had news reporters and radio stations there. They questioned some of the people off of the field and informed students about the eclipse. They also provided fun activities for people of all ages like a bouncy house. Trent Kort, Blue Hill senior, said, “I loved the games, they were very fun, but my favorite was knockerball.”

While waiting for the eclipse to start they had a clock set up on the scoreboard for the people to know when totality was nearing. The stadium also provided glasses for the students and others to safely view the sun. The clock was very accurate to the moment the sun was blocked out.

The moment the clock reached about 17 seconds everyone started to count down to totality. At 12:58 the moon was directly in front of the sun. Madison Kosse, Blue Hill sophomore said, “the part of the solar eclipse that stuck out to me most was when the moon began going in front of the sun, and when it went completely dark.”

When in the moment of totality, everyone seemed to be in awe of the corona’s glow. Dani Schwinn, a teacher at Blue Hill, said, “ The corona looked white and wispy, sort of supernatural feeling, and it was beautiful.”

There was a lot of laughter, and Blue Hill High School students had a blast. Though there were no real classes on Monday, the students got a real life learning experience from this once in a lifetime event.