Axtell Triangular


Kosse and Trent

The Blue Hill high school volleyball team swept the Axtell triangular with no trouble at all, topping the Axtell Wildcats and the Kenesaw Blue Devils. The first set against the Wildcats was a good start for the Bobcats with a 1-0 lead ending the first set 25-21. The second set however, was more difficult for the Bobcats, which tied both teams 1-1 with a final score of 25-22. The third and final set was an intense match for both teams, but the Bobcats pulled of a win over the Axtell Wildcats with a 2-1 lead and a final score of 25-23.

The next game was against the Kenesaw Blue Devils. The Bobcats had an easy first set against the Blue Devils with a final score of 25-15, leading the Bobcats 1-0. The second and final set was a close game for both teams, but the Bobcats pulled off another victory against the Blue Devils with a final score of 25-21, with a 2-0 win for the Bobcats.


UNK Health Fair


On Wednesday October 11th students visited UNK for a health fair. When they got there, there were speakers that talked about what they do everyday in their clinics, or hospitals.

Students were then split into groups and attended sessions. The first session was just a career fair that had colleges mainly focused on health and medicine. The second session was about the UNMC medical building that is on campus at UNK. The third session, students got to choose to attend a murder mystery, or visit the health and wellness center. The murder mystery talked about diseases that killed people back in history and students had to figure out what caused it.

In the other session, they visited the health and wellness center and went through the gym, and different classrooms. The students that went to the health and wellness center also got to see a cadaver, and look through the body parts. Students then visited the UNMC building.

UNK++16By the end of the day, the students learned many things about different colleges and their health and medicine programs.

Pink & Parent Night

Kosse and Kort

Tuesday night was pink out night for the Lawrence Nelson-Blue Hill volleyball game. This was to show our total support for breast cancer as it is breast cancer awareness month. Before the game started, parents night was also a big night for the two seniors. The seniors are Taylor Bonifas and Halee Kohmetscher. The reason for parents night is for all of us to honor the parents and the seniors to recognize all the hard work they have put into this sport.

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To follow this, the Lady Bobcats won 3-0. The first set was 26-24, set two was 25-15, and the third and final set was 25-23.

College Fair

Schmidt – Shaw

On Monday, September 25,  juniors and seniors visited CCC for a college fair. There were several colleges from all over Nebraska, and even out of state colleges. The fair took place in CCC’s gymnasium.

Blue Hill Students had the opportunity to visit any college booth and learn more information about that college. A few of the colleges were University of Nebraska-Lincoln /Kearney /Omaha, Joseph’s College: Cosmetology, and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Many of the colleges had free items such as pens, and they also had information booklets for students to take home and share with parents. The booklets had cost, activities, and different information about the college’s programs and events.

The college representatives were respectable and quick on their feet explaining things to multiple schools’ students. Rylee Kohmetscher, Junior, eagerly stated, “They were very positive and energetic and were extremely helpful in recognizing their college’s strong suits.” While Britney Toepfer, Senior, wants to recognize UNK and UNL, “UNK and UNL were the best booths I went to because they were personable and explanatory.”

The students enjoyed the experience and were pushed into a great direction towards a better future. Going to the college fair at CCC-Hastings brought to light many opportunities for our students.

Season Kicks off with New Traditions and a Bobcat Win

Kort and Kosse

The Blue Hill Spirit Squad got quite the workout as the Blue Hill football team defeated the Meridian Mustangs on Friday, August 24.

This year the Spirit Squad is starting a new tradition of doing kicks and push-ups for all points scored. They do push-ups for 30 points and then switch to kicks.

The final score was 58-8, giving the spirit squad quite the workout.

The bobcats are expected to keep the tradition alive and go far this year in the Nebraska state playoffs.

Another new addition this fall for the cheerleaders is stunting, which includes a basic lift while the girls are cheering.

With the changes to spirit squad and a talented group of football athletes, this fall will be a great season to follow.