Big Changes Flip the Script for Blue Hill Students

Branson and Shaw

This 2017-2018 school year Blue Hill High School and Junior High Students will be experiencing major changes in the way they go about the school day.

The High School student body received personal, school provided, chromebooks to help with students’ homework. They enable the students to have easy access to their school projects offline, get their homework from the days they miss (which includes the google classroom assignments), ask teachers questions through emails, and be able to use online textbooks if they leave theirs at the school. With  the new addition, they are expected to be careful, productive, and responsible.

Due to the new chromebooks being added, the students must now follow new guidelines with having cell phones on school grounds. They are required to put their cell phones into containers (per the teacher’s in-class policies) when entering the classroom until the teacher allows them to be grabbed or after the class period is over. Though the rules in class may be different, the students are still allowed to use their phones during passing periods and at lunch.

Lastly, with new carpets come more rule changes in the classrooms. Since the High School had purchased and installed new carpets (due to the old thinning carpets and some were being held together by tape), the students cannot have food or drinks (exempting clear bottles of water) in the classrooms. Mr. Moore explained why, “Students spill things.  Glance outside of school after lunch and see all the wrappers.  With great privilege comes a great responsibility!”

Even though these changes will put more responsibility on the students and parents, it will also be a big help for them many years to come.