Digital Citizenship Assembly

Schmidt & Shaw

Monday, October 30th was the Digital Citizenship Assembly in the Blue Hill High School gym.

The Blue Hill Students and other schools came into the gym for a hilarious presentation. Bobby Truhe of KSB Law, a lawyer and presenter, took a different approach to the presentation than you’d expect. He made it fun and informational to keep the crowds’ attention. He made it fun by telling stories of students and their antics.

Bobby explained the laws and what kind of punishments could happen when doing certain things. He had talked about cyberbullying, sexting, and when a school has the right to act upon these offenses. The whole gym was erupting with laughter through most of the assembly.

Mr. Moore, Blue Hill High School Principal, explains why Bobby was chosen to present, “He was available out of three lawyers we could choose from.  He is, also, one of our favorite’s as an administration.”

The Digital Citizenship Assembly was a smash hit with the schools’ students and left them thinking more seriously about potential consequences of online actions.