Seniors Glassblow at Hastings College

By Becky Cox

On Tuesday, Blue Hill’s New York City Crew traveled up to Hastings College to practice glassblowing with Tom Kreager, professor at Hastings College. The students watched a demo from Tom, then made their own glass paperweights.

Senior, Johnny Bauman was excited to try something new, “It’s like welding, but with new equipment.” Some students found the art slightly easier than they expected, while others thought it was “way more complicated.”

Students had to relax and be calm while working to get a solid, attractive piece. Creating glass paperweights involves dipping a punti into molten glass, gathering shards of colored glass and repeating the process for desired size. The glass blower will then shape the piece with wet wood equipment to a nice round finish.

Students enjoyed experiencing something different in the field of art that most high school students don’t get the chance to try.

The glass studio at Hastings College is a strong feature of the new Jackson Dinsdale Art Center, with expanded space to work and bleachers for watching the action.

First Annual JDAC Mural Competition

By Becky Cox

This Wednesday, 5 Blue Hill Seniors traveled to Hastings and competed in the first annual Jackson Dinsdale Mural Contest. They may not have won, but the competition was extremely fun.


This year’s theme was ‘Tattoos of the Past and Present.’ Schools from all over the area came to compete. Schools were given the topic and 2 and a half hours to interpret the concept. Paintings ranged from samurai to classic pin-up girls to abstract birds. The top three paintings were awarded hand-blown glass sculptures.
While registering, students were even allowed to send in a portfolio for Hastings College professors to judge. The best of these students were awards a variety of scholarships to Hastings College. The top three were Sandy Creek with third, York received second, and    Kearney High won first place.