Blue Hill Staff <3 Public Schools

Shawlarge_Blue-Shirt-FrontThis school year Blue Hill Schools’ teachers are celebrating the public school communities by wearing an I ❤ Public Schools shirt once a month.

The shirts are part of NE<3PS (Nebraska Loves Public Schools). Their mission is to help promote the good moments of the public school systems by taking photos, videos, and making them into films.

They also sell shirts that say, “I ❤ Public Schools.” These shirts are to promote the wellbeing of public schools. The staff of Blue Hill will be allowed to wear their shirts with jeans on the first friday of every month if they so choose.

Mrs. Kohmetscher, a Blue Hill High School teacher, commented on what that day means to her, “I ❤ Public Schools Day is a time for teachers, students, and the community to celebrate public schools and education. It is neat to see teachers from other schools out in public wearing their different colored shirts.”

The I ❤ Public Schools days will be a wonderful way to promote learning in public school communities.


Singing Valentines

by Katlyn Brooks

Every year, the choir group gets together and goes around the school singing to students and/or teachers. If you want the choir to sing a song to someone for you, all you need to do is just let Mrs. Drury know two things: who it’s for and what song you would like the group to sing to them. It’s a cute, fun way to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Want to send your Special Someone something special for Valentine’s Day? Ask our high school choir to sing them a Valentine’s Day song! Be sure to let Mrs. Drury know before February 14th!