One-Act Overview


This year, Blue Hill One-Act put on a new play written and directed by our own Mrs. Luke. Students received many awards with a terrific group of new and returning members.

The play called “872 Days” was inspired by a story told to Mrs. Luke by a friend at church last May. He talked about the Siege of Leningrad during World War II. He was using this historical story to illustrate altruism and the importance of giving, but Mrs. Luke made a self-note to look into the Siege. She did not know this story, so she started with a basic Google search and read the barebones facts of the Siege. This led her to an inspiring story about WWII refugees.

872 days takes place in September of 1941, Hitler and his allies surrounded and bombarded Leningrad, Russia. They cut off all supplies and bombed the food storage with the deliberate intent of starving the population.

Our One-Act team, lead by Mrs. Luke, went to the TVC contest at Harvard High School on November 14th. They were awarded TVC Runner-up. John Rouse was awarded Best Supporting Actor while, Jami Kirchner, Tanner Lemke, & Britney Toepfer got honorable mentions.

On November 19th, One Act held their annual Dessert and a Show at the high school. During this event, the New York City trip also hosts a silent auction to raise travel funds.

The group was awarded Outstanding Technical Theater in the Lincoln High School Play Festival on November 21st. They also received Acting Honors for John Rouse, Taylor Bonifas, and Ladelle Hazen. Through the tough competitions of Districts, they made 5th place. While this did not secure them a spot at state, the school is still extremely proud of the original play and how beautifully the students performed.

One-Act’s final performance will be at Hastings College at 7 P.M. (Scott Studio Theatre 710 Turner Ave in Hastings).


One Act Review

By Becky Cox

Blue Hill’s One Act performed “The Laramie Project” this year. The play has been anything but boring. Due to students participating in so many activities, practice time was very limited. The kids were given 13 practices before their premier Sunday November 13.

As of the Thursday before the first performance at the high school, only 50 tickets had been sold. E-mails and Facebook posts were sent out by the director, local supporters, and other teachers and there was a domino effect that followed. News of the play and the lack of support being shown spread across the country in hours. The cast received over 1,000 letters of luck and encouragement from all over the US. Letters ranged from the cast of Hamilton, to Jane Powell (the voice of Snow White), to Judy Shepard (Matthew Shepard’s mom) to other theatre supporters.

An audience of roughly 300 people came to show their support for these daring kids on opening night. Some members of the Tectonic Theatre Company, who wrote they play, even flew in from New York. The kids were able to ask them questions before the show. Jamie Kirchner was even able to meet one of the men she plays, Andy Paris.

Just two days after performing for the first time in front of people, the cast and crew were up early and headed for TVC. This year Blue Hill received 3rd overall. The judges ranked them individually as 1st with a perfect score of 60 points,  3rd and 54 points, and  5th with 52 points. Collin Brown, Becky Cox, Lindsey Hafer, and John Rouse were given Honorable Mentions for Outstanding Actor.

The following Saturday the company ventured to Kearney to compete in the Mel Shoemaker Memorial Play Production Showcase. Despite having such an early morning, the Bobcat Theatre was able to make their mark at this large invite. Out of their group of 8 schools, they once again placed 3rd.  This trio of judges gave them 2nd with 52 points,  2nd with a perfect score of 60 points, and  6th with 49 points. Lindsey Hafer and Collin Brown were recognized as the All Showcase Cast Actors and Becky Cox, John Rouse, and Brendan Hafer were recognized as Outstanding Actors.

One Act Districts were held this Tuesday at Axtell. Eight schools competed, including Lawrence/Nelson, Axtell, Silver Lake, Shelton, S-E-M, Wilcox-Hildreth, and Blue Hill. Blue Hill was ranked 4th. Wilcox-Hildreth will attend State Production next Thursday in Norfolk. Honorable Mentions were given to Collin Brown, Lindsey Hafer, Becky Cox, and Bradley Morse. Blue Hill will perform one last time at Hastings College on December 5th at 8 pm.