UNK Health Fair


On Wednesday October 11th students visited UNK for a health fair. When they got there, there were speakers that talked about what they do everyday in their clinics, or hospitals.

Students were then split into groups and attended sessions. The first session was just a career fair that had colleges mainly focused on health and medicine. The second session was about the UNMC medical building that is on campus at UNK. The third session, students got to choose to attend a murder mystery, or visit the health and wellness center. The murder mystery talked about diseases that killed people back in history and students had to figure out what caused it.

In the other session, they visited the health and wellness center and went through the gym, and different classrooms. The students that went to the health and wellness center also got to see a cadaver, and look through the body parts. Students then visited the UNMC building.

UNK++16By the end of the day, the students learned many things about different colleges and their health and medicine programs.

Brown Signs to UNK


By Becky Cox

PeeWee to high school, and now to college football. At the young age of 10, Collin Brown started his football career and now he will officially become a UNK Loper next Fall.

During 4th grade, Brown joined his first football team, the Hastings Chargers. All his life, Collin has been a bit bigger than most of the other kids on his team. That has made it possible for him to play Offensive and Defensive line since his start in the sport. By 6th grade, Collin was truly in love with football. Between his 6th and 7th year of school, Brown realized he wanted to go all to way: To play collegiate. And that dream has now come true.

For the past 5 months, Collin, along with some family support, has traveled all over the midwest visiting colleges, trying to find the right one for him. After many days traveling, football camps, and hard thinking, he made his choice.

As of this week, Collin Brown will officially become a UNK Loper next August. When asked what the deciding factor was, he said, “My head, heart, and gut is at UNK.” He is very excited to be part of a new family. His only fear is the college life that accompanies his choice to play in college.

UNK Career Health Fair

By Becky Cox



This past Wednesday, juniors and seniors were given the opportunity to attend the UNK Health Career Fair. This gave the students the chance to see more in the health career field. Experts from local hospitals and clinics were there giving demonstrations gave demonstrations and held small lectures.


Students were split into three groups and rotated between a college fair, a lecture, and touring a new building.


Students were able to observe and touch pig lungs that shows the effects of cancer and , for the more adventurous kids, could touch a cadaver.
Students left with some treats,  insight into new health careers, and even some stress balls shaped like lungs.